Making Child’s Play of the Ikea Doll Bed

Materials: Duktig doll bed

Description: $105.95 for an American Girl doll bed vs. $20 + a few supplies for re-doing the Ikea Duktig doll bed ($20). A happy outcome for me, my pocket and my daughter Elle!

Here’s what you’ll need:
The Ikea doll bed
Sand paper
spray paint
piece of MDF

Optional stuff:
12″ x19″ piece of 1″ thick foam
Half yard soft cuddly fabric
Stuffing/batting/pollyfill (i.e. whatever you want to stuff the pillow with)
Vinyl decal of the dolls name
Scrap fabric for the sheet and quilt

1. Sand the wooden frame.
2. Paint a thin even coat of oil based primer on all sides of the frame and let dry.
3. Lightly sand any rough spots.
4. Spray another thin even coat of primer. Let dry.
5. Spray paint the entire frame with a thin even coat of the color of your choice and let dry.

Click for instructions on the Duktig doll bed makeover.

~ Stacey, St Pete FL