Malm dressers become built in!

Materials: 2 Malm 4 drawer dressers, 1 Malm bedside table

Description: On the first wall I used the bottom halves of 2 4 drawer Malm dressers, topped by a 3′ x 8′ trim panel from a Adel medium brown kitchen. I used additional trim panel wood to create the shelves at the end.

One the second wall, I used the tops of the dressers which still have. I just put them together after sawing the bottom halves off of both. Then I sawed the bottom off one of the bedside tables and mounted it on drawer slides. It slides to the side revealing a new laundry chute.

Both dressers are recessed into the walls of the room, effectively creating an extra foot of space in this relatively small bedroom. The dresser on the exterior wall has a small bookshelf area in the middle, this allowed me to leave support in place since it is a bearing wall.

~ Steve M, Pittsburgh, PA

Jules Yap