Trash to treasure- Literally!

Materials: FNISS, pole stand

Description: I created this Bin Stand to hold plush toys. They are great for tall flower arrangements by the front door, as a way to keep kids’ rooms tidy or as an umbrella stand.

The pole stand can be any pole stand that is available at metal shops. You can also create your own out of copper fittings from the hardware store or PVC pipes and fittings.

1. Take 3 or more FNISS bins and drill a hole at the first ridge on the top (about 4 inches down from the edge).

2. Drill 3 holes on the pole stand, making sure to space them out evenly around the pole and up and down (about 8-12 inches apart).

3. Screw the bins onto the pole stand with short, heavy screws.

See the Fniss bin display in action.

~ Alan, St. Pete Beach, FL