Basketball Table

Materials: Ikea table, small hooks, long skinny hooks, basketball net, magnet of your favorite team, super glue, black spray paint, a saw to cut off the flowery part, rubber feet to make it into a trivet

Description: My boyfriend loves basketball and I saw this other table at the NBA Store in NYC and decided I could make it myself. I bought this table at the Ikea Store (product not shown online) and sawed off the inside flower insert that looks like this:

I then added rubber feet to the bottom of this and made this flower piece into a trivet for the dining table.
After that, I spray painted an embroidery hoop to make the top of the net black.  Then I bought a net at a sports store/walmart for a basketball hoop and purchased long skinny hooks as well.  These long hooks were then attached to the 4 table legs and held the hoop in place in the middle.

The net was attached to the embroidery hoop using small hooks that were inserted into the empty space between the 2 embroidery rings (once I inserted them, I tightened the rings closer together to hold and inserted a small amount of super glue).

I then attached a magnet of my boyfriend’s favorite basketball team to the top  – the Phoenix Suns. Now he had a custom basketball table and I had a new trivet for the kitchen!

~ Christin Franco from Chandler, AZ