Butcher Block Countertop Kitchen shelving

Materials: NUMERAR countertop, 3/8″ threaded rod with assorted hdwre, 1/2 copper tubing lacquered, 1×1 wood stapping cut to length

Description: NUMERAR counter top was ripped in half lengthwise to make above counter kitchen shelving. Threaded rod supporting the outer edge is concealed by copper pipe which has been lacquered to prevent oxidation. Hardware supporting each successive shelf is counter sunk for finished appearance. Threaded rod extends through ceiling and 2×4’s laid across joists in attic. Against the wall, are 1×1 wood straps screwed to wall studs. Shelves are affixed to wood straps using the mini “L” brackets that come with the NUMERAR countertops.

~ Sandra Tarbox and Kurt Lazaroff, USA