Extra long media furniture

Materials: FAKTUM wall cabinet, FAKTUM legs, SIGNUM cable outlet kit, PERFEKT SOLÄR plinth

Description: So, moving in to my new apartment made me realize just how much stuff I had and how little extra space I actually had available. Therefore I had a little brainstorming session, and this is what I came up with.

Instead of using a normal media furniture (I couldn’t find any that wasn’t super-expensive), I decided to use the FAKTUM wall cabinet made for kitchens. In this case I used 4 double door and one single (HÄRLIG doors, doesn’t get cheaper than that).

With a little magic called FAKTUM legs, 2 pieces of oak-worktops (not IKEA but I saw that they have them now as well) and PERFEKT SOLÄR plinth it ended up really really good.

To continue the magic, do the finishing touches with SIGNUM cable outlet kit and hide all the ugly stuff inside one of the cabinets, like in my case printer, WLAN, the base station for the music etc and most of all the cables.

~ Johanna Bergman, Sweden

Jules Yap