That’s a wrap – coffee table

Materials: Lack coffee table, Mod Podge, gift wrap, 1-2″ foam brush, high density foam roller, polyurethane

Description: The finish on this coffee table had a way of collecting and showing off dust, fingerprints, and crumbs like you wouldn’t believe. It was driving me nuts so I decided to decoupage the top to add color, texture, and dimension to an otherwise boring table.

1. Use heavy-weight gift wrap,the non-shiny kind you buy by the sheet works really best for this project. Measure and cut to cover the surface of the table.

2. Gather your mod podge supplies. You will need a foam brush, a high-density, ultra smooth roller, a container to pour your mod podge into, and a damp cloth for wiping away extra glue.

3. Carefully roll on a thick coat of mod podge with the roller. Working quickly, start at one corner and line up your paper with the edge of the coffee table and carefully unroll it on to the layer of glue. Using your hands, smooth away any wrinkles or bubbles that appear on the surface. If you notice your glue is drying before your paper goes down, try working in smaller sections using the foam brush to get between the paper and the table as you unroll it and press it down.

4. Wipe away any excess glue and let dry for 30 min. Add 2 more coats of mod podge letting it dry completely between coats.

5. Finish off the table with a coat or two of polyurethane using another high density foam roller and you’re done!

See more of the decoupaged coffee table.

~ Jennifer, Seattle, WA