To friends and readers in the US, happy happy July 4th! ~ Jules

Materials: Fabian / Lack / Ekby / Assorted Screws / Stain

Description: Underwhelmed by the selection of over sofa tables on the market, especially for the price. (Including Ikea’s Stockholm table.) Opted to hack my own! Two Fabian wall shelves. Four Ekby Stodis brackets. One Lack wall shelf.

Placed the two Fabians perpendicular and braced with two of the supplied metal Fabian brackets. Attached two Ekby brackets for increased stability. Attached two more Ekby brackets to the Lack top.

Then attached Ekby / Lack piece to the Fabian shelf. Voila! A new over sofa table that cost around $25.00.

One tip: choose screw sizes carefully lest you screw through the Fabian shelves. After assembly, we stained the table. In retrospect, we should have stained before assembly but we first wanted to see if this even worked. Presumably, this hack can be altered style and color wise to meet your own tastes. Enjoy!

~ Michael Beatrice, Los Angeles, CA

Jules Yap