"Très chic" Kitty Litter Bin Obscurer

Materials: BESTA shelving unit + BESTA glossy swinging door, basic litter bin, dishwasher mat, PetSafe Big Cat Door, optional deodorizers

Description: This our a take on Jon’s “Flaren stealth cat litter box” also listed on the site. His version’s great, but since our space is a bit smaller and we have an ultra fluffy cat we needed an alternate solution since the enclosure-within-an enclosure concept didn’t pan out too well (poo on fur = not a good thing!)

Step 1: Bore a hole into whichever side of the shelving unit you’d like. This is all a matter of preference. For us the left side of the unit was best.

Step 2: Install a pet door that suits your cat’s size. We used the PetSafe Big Cat Door since our cat’s quite large and fluffy.

Step 3: Place bin inside. Deodorizer (baking soda and homemade activated charcoal bag) additions are optional, but seems to reduce litter bin odour significantly.

And that’s it! The unit does a great job hiding the litter bin and giving Taro some privacy while he does his business, and even though the litter bin odour isn’t completely eliminated the set up reduces the smell quite significantly. Happy Hacking!

~ Jeremy Y., Mississauga ON Canada