Flaren stealth cat litter box

More cat litter problem solvers. This one is from Jon and I do like how discreet it is.

“Our new apartment didn’t have a good cubby to hide away the cat box like our old apartment,” says Jon, “so we decided to hide the litter in plain sight. It’s an easy 4 step process:

1. Find a covered cat box $30
2. Find a cabinet that it fits in (in this case, a Flaren sink cabinet)
3. Find a pet door
4. Cut a hole for the pet door and install.

I added a couple litter mats $20, one inside, one outside, and the litter tracking is almost non-existent. I put rails on the bottom of the cabinet to make the box easier to slide out for cleaning, provide some storage space to stuff litter bags, and to hold the interior mat in place. Since it is an open-backed cabinet, I nailed a sheet of corrugated plastic (like on a yard sign) to the rear to close it off. Because of this and the cat flap, odor is contained and not a problem. As an added benefit, being a sink cabinet, it is made to get wet and the surfaces are easy to clean.”

See more of Jon’s stealth cat litter box.

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