Trofast play-table

Trofast wall storage, MDF board,

Since I have kids, age 3 and 6. I have developed a special walking technique when it’s dark at home. (All people whit smaller kids in the house will know what I’m talking about)

It is simple but effective; you drag your feet along the floor. The aim is to avoid something sharp getting in-between your feet and the floor! Like a toy.
If this happens you will end up with a sharp pain in your foot or you break you kids favorite toy or both.

To avoid having to re-finish the floor every month I had an idea about a play-table. OK the idea is obviously not mine. You can buy these things but they are rather expensive and not so practical.

So what to do? Well you build it yourself!

I started of by measuring the room to decide how large the table top could be after this I looked at the Trofast series. I wanted something that wasn’t too high so I decided to go for the wall mounted one, or rather two of them. I cut a MDF board (12 mm) into table top and some edges and also a base for the Trofast frames to stand on.

It took some time to fix the edges (glue and screws) and to sand them down so they where a bit rounded.

After this I mounted the Trofast frames and removed the plastic edges so that the frames could be fixed tightly to the base and table top. Then I mounted the legs.

To dampen the sound I glued a fabric on the table top and then I just painted the edges.

The remarkable thing is that most of the toys stay on the table or in the storage boxes! Our vacuum cleaner bag will last double the time since it’s not full of dust and lego and small wooden train parts.

~ BR Richan, The land of IKEA, SWE