Base + Base = Tower

Materials: 2x kitchen base cabinets, Stat doors, Rationel drawers + dividers, Cover panel. Tools, electric drill and the usual suspects.

Description: The problem we had was in the house we moved into, the kitchen cupboards were all low down which meant bending and leaning into the cupboards to get commonly used items. A pain !

We looked everywhere for a cupboard to fit in the wasted space besides the fridge to no avail.

Then glancing through the Ikea catalogue, it occurred to us that we could stack two kitchen base units and fit them with drawers and shelves. A cover panel could be cut at the back and fitted to the top of the top base cabinet.

The cabinets were assembled and the top one screwed to the base by screwing through from the base cabinet to the top cabinet. As an extra precaution the top cabinet was fixed to the wall.

The top was then fitted with shelves and the lower cabinet fitted with drawers. We love the result and now we don’t have to kneel to get things out of cupboards.

~ Paul Barton, Perth, Australia