Minimalistic floor-to-ceiling climbing post for cats

Materials: STOLMEN post + mounting fixtures, sisal rope, small shelf, HESSUM doormat

Description: Because cat furniture is the ugliest around and my friend needed every inch of her small apartment, I came up with this minimalistic climbing post.

The shelf was on the wall already. The parts I needed cost about 60 euros.

1) I had to buy the 40 meters of rope in four 10 meter pieces. If you can get the rope in one piece, it will help you much. If not, then join the pieces to get a one long stretch of rope. I used a technique called splicing (splicing links here) and got pretty good results.

2) Remove any cats from the room where you are about to install the post.

3) Cover the shelf with HESSUM doormat so the critters can get a good grip. Cut the mat to size and attach it with small screws. Install the shelf to the wall.

4) Install the STOLMEN post next to the shelf.

5) Attach the rope to the bottom of the post using the STOLMEN mounting fixtures. Start coiling the rope around the post. Use gloves, keep the rope tight and give it a few hits from a hammer on every 5 rounds or so to make it tight.

6) When you reach the top, use another STOLMEN mounting fixture to attach the rope. You can use cable ties to attach the rope temporarily.

This hack can be easily extended by installing more shelves to the wall.

Longer version of the instructions and more pictures here.

~ Ilka, Helsinki, Finland