Samtid Lamp into the future

Materials: Samtid Lamp and Ordning Cutlery Stand. Electric drill and adjustable metal cutter tool, rounded metal file, heavy duty gloves, goggles and two people

Description: I was searching for a replacement lamp shade for my Samtid Lamp, after the original plastic shade had warped during three years use, this was down to it being in direct sunlight. Unfortunately replacement shades are not available and I wanted something more modern. I spotted the Ordning large cutlery holder on a trip to Ikea.

Measure and mark the centre spot on the back of the cutlery holder.

One person wearing work gloves and goggles holds either sides on the cutlery holder tightly, best done on a piece of wood to stop any marking on the cutlery stand, but prevent much movement when drilling. This is the best option if you don’t have a work stand.

The other person sets the metal cutter to around 45 mm diameter, starts the drill slowly on the centre spot and quickly bring the drill up to full speed. Some heat is generated throughout the cutlery stand, but you should cut through in well under a minute.

Smooth down any rough edges with the metal file and fit to the lamp.

A simple hack to modernise this lamp.

~ Ben Hallifax, London

Jules Yap