Utensil holder becomes exterior light

Outdoor lighting

Ikea Ordning metal utensil holder, spray paint, jb weld, tin snips, jelly jar light kit from big box store

We are doing a huge remodel and I had been sent to pick exterior lights numerous times. I just could not justify the price for just kind of liking them… This whole thing cost me less than $30 for 2!!!

It’s quite simple and I will be surprised if it has not been done before.

Outdoor lighting

Take and toss or repurpose jelly jars.

Mark out where light bulb is to go on bottom side of utensil holder, tin snip out the sq. (the light kit fits perfect between the little bumpy “feet” – this was a coincidence)

Scuff up around the hole according to your jb weld directions. Jb weld it up and wait.

Put it on some card board and paint until you are happy.

Have a handy person install and voila! cheap but nifty outdoor light… Surprisingly it lets out a ton of light and our neighbor already came to admire!

I think I am getting the hang of this hacking stuff 😉

~ nicole, scottsdale, arizona

Jules Yap