EXPEDIT Wardrobe

Materials: 1 EXPEDIT TV storage unit, 1 EXPEDIT Shelving unit (1×4), different shelf inserts, clothes rail

Inspired by two EXPEDIT Hacks (EXPEDIT wardrobe with plants & EXPEDITion Small-Room-Closet) I’ve decided to build my own wardrobe.

First I built the 4×1 EXPEDIT shelf as described in the manual. Laying on the long side, it’s the basis for the EXPEDIT TV Furniture. This one I built pretty much like the manual says, except the bottom and the shelves for the multimedia devices. With a clothes rail and some EXPEDIT inserts, my new wardrobe was ready to store some shoes and coats.

Sorry that I can’t provide one full picture of the wardrobe, my entrance is to narrow.

~ Martin, Bamberg