Jars of light

Materials: Inreda, Jam Jars

Description: This is a fairly basic hack, so don’t be put off by complex electrics… I started out with 2 packs of Inreda cabinet lighting (I think these are the old style that come with small bulbs, rather than LED’s and have 3 in a pack).

1. You first need to take these lights apart so all you have left is the cable, socket, bulb and black grommet that holds the cable.

2. Having collected and thoroughly cleaned the jam jars, drill a hole in the lid (8mm in this case).

3. Rebuild the lighting using the lid to mount the grommet that holds the wire.

You may also notice the shelves are a Stolmen hack similar to this Stolmen-Jarpen shelves hack.

Although I originally saw this idea at a design event in Newcastle, I should also give credit to this previous hack

~ Pods, Newcastle