Play kitchen and market stall

Materials: Rast nightstand, Attest handles, Ribba picture ledge, plywood, screws, steamer bowls, faucet, paint, plexi, hinges and lots of small things

Description: Present for my twins – that’s why a simple kitchen was not enough

I turned the Rast night stand around for both the play kitchen and the market stall.

I added an extra shelf and a divider to create space for the oven and the refrigerator. The worktop and the back of the kitchen are plywood cut to size. For the oven door I cut a hole out and added plexi, hinges and a magnetic closure. A piece of thin plywood painted glossy black with silver circles is the stove, the sink is a steamer bowl. I used the smallest faucet I could find.

All the wooden parts for the kitchen are painted white, the inside of the oven is grey. A LED-light is attached in the oven and there is a baking sheet made of painted plywood. The stove knobs are wooden circles painted in silver. The whole stove front – where the stove knobs are – can be openend for extra storage space. The refrigerator has a shelf inside made out of a piece of Ribba picture ledge. All handles and knobs are Attest. There are handles on each side to hang the oven gloves and towels but also to be able to carry the play kitchen out of the way if necessary. Another Attest handle serves as a rail for hanging up kitchen utensils. The top shelf is a wooden box glued to the back wall. The clock was a must because every kitchen needs to have a clock.

Market stall
I added an angular shelf in the middle of the night stand for the display of the wooden crates. A piece of plywood cut to size serves as counter-top. There is a small steamer bowl with a lid sunk in the counter top to keep the fish fresh :-). Attest handles on either side of the market stall so it can be easily carried out of the way.

The roof construction was made out of two beams cut to the right length on either side of the Rast and two beams screwed in a slightly inclined angle. To stabilize the roof construction and for attaching the fabric roof I used three round wooden bars. The fabric roof is sewn to fit and can be removed easily if it ever has to be washed. The market stall has some storage space accessible from the back for storing bags etc.

~ Gabi Lämmli, Switzerland