Faktum minimalist

Faktum wall cabinet in various size and Grip handle

Description: I wanted a clean geometrical minimalist full height storage unit that can fit my existing audio system as well. With detailed measurement of the wall space in terms of the length and ceiling height and with the help of my 3d software, I found the best fit after several configuration basing on the cabinets assortment of sizes.

All cabinets were secured firmly between each other with the cabinet connector provided with the cabinet packages as well as to the back concrete wall. Do take note that since I did not use any legs to raise the cabinet, do get some furniture scratch protector ( preferably hard plastic type) to raise the cabinet a little to allow the door to open smoothly.

This project may not be considered a hack, but Faktum cabinet do provide ready solution at half the price of a custom made one (at least here in Singapore).In a few years time, the cabinet can be taken down and reconfigure for another area, doesn’t that save you a lot of money, and our mother earth for recycling our furniture.

~ Alan, Singapore