The Ikea Hacked +1 button

Materials: Pyssla, iron, level 20 geek

Description: I often use the +1 button in Ikea Hackers as well as the other share options in the bottom of the posts.

Today I saw the Pyssla beads and boards for the first time in my local Ikea. Suddenly I thought about the +1 button in Ikea Hackers. It looks really cool but I decided to make it truly Ikea Hackers compliante.

I give you the true Ikea hacked +1 button, the one that you should have on the site :-).

You need:
* 1 Pyssla board and an ironing paper
* A box of Pyssla beads
* An iron

1. Create a pattern for the +1 button in the Pyssla board.
2. Put the iron paper over the beads, turn the iron setting to medium and let it heat up
3. Iron over the beads in circle pattern for about 15 seconds, that is the time it takes for the beads to start melting and sticking together.
4. Let it cool down for two minutes, remove the ironing paper and you are good to go.

~ Paulo, Dublin, Ireland