Expedit with stripped-painted finish doors

Materials: Expedit, plywood sheathing, acrylic paint, acrylic protector, handles, hinges, screws

Description: In my case I bought the Expedit to use as an extension of the kitchen cabinet since we didn’t have a lot of storage space for dinnerware. The problem was that the dust was covering all the plates and glasses so I decided we need to cover some of the shelves.

I went to a hardware store and bought small pieces of plywood sheathing (the small leftovers are really cheap) and I asked them to cut them about an inch bigger than the holes of the furniture.
I also picked a bunch of regular hinges, in my case the darker the better so they don’t stand out too much, and four different handles just for fun.

I sanded the 4 pieces of plywood sheathing very well and then applied 2 thick coats of acrylic white paint. When the second coat was still wet I made the lines with a pencil, since the wood is irregular it’s easy to make them crooked and the effect it’s less rigid and boring. Afterwords, I applied one extra coat of acrylic protector.

The last part was the difficult one, to measure the exact point where to engage the doors so they all be aligned.

After that the only thing missing was the handles…just a couple of screws and you’re done!

~ sandra