Say you, Say me. Let’s win some money.

This is not a hack. This is a problem!

One night I was awoken with a loud crash. I thought a Decepticon had crashed through my windows but when I went to check – horrors! – at least 6 pieces of tiles had fallen off my bathroom wall. What the … who has ever heard of tiles falling off the wall? It’s been an eyesore since. I’ve tried to find an exact match to the tiles but being as anal as I am, the colours are always a tone too light or dark (due to different batch firing, they told me). I can’t bear an off colour patch on my wall so what do I do?

Any brilliant ideas?

The problem is … there are two sides to me – the FruGirl and GlamQueen and both want different things.

FruGirl: Oh, an Ikea picture frame will cover the spot perfectly. (Translate: It’s cheap!) 
GlamQueen: Perhaps, but it’s hard to get an exact fit (Translate: Seriously… can you live with the unfinished, un-chic look?) 
FruGirl: We can lengthen the Ribba, you know. (Translate: You call yourself an IKEA Hacker?!) GlamQueen: But the 30cm x 30cm tiles are so last millennium. Re-tiling the whole bathroom would be delightful! (Translate: You cheapskate!)

So the argument in my head has been going on for months now, with no resolution in sight. I am turning to you, my readers for some fresh ideas. And no, I’m not schizo.

Just to illustrate the CoupleSpeak dilemma though I am … erm … but one person. Some of you are luckier, you actually have a real person to “argue with without arguing”. And if you can capture the essence of the crossed frequencies in a video, you may just win $5000. And let me tell you, money solves plenty of arguments. At least it’ll shut the FruGirl in me up.

The CoupleSpeak contest is up and running and is brought the you by the good people at 3M who make home improvement goodies such as ScotchBlue tape, Leadcheck swabs, 3M TEKK protection, Abrasives and Tough Duct Tape. Check out the 3M Frameworks facebook page for details on how these tools can help you DIY. Click on the CoupleSpeak contest on the left sidebar to get onto the contest page.

More about the video contest. The ingredients:

  • A short video, no longer than 2 minutes, about a DIY project. 
  • It should NOT feature any 3M products. 
  • It should capture the differences in which you communicate. 
  • Keep it clean. Funny is good. 
Here’s one to show you what they are looking for.

See more videos on 3M Frameworks Youtube page.

If making a video is too daunting, you can enter the 3M translation sweepstakes that gives away $250 every week. All you have to do is submit a CoupleSpeak translation on the same tab in the Facebook page. Something like my crazy conversation above. Go try it. It’s easy and lots of fun! Feel free to share this contest on Twitter or Facebook with your friends too.

~ Jules

This post is sponsored by 3M Frameworks.