3M products to be given away, Say that again!

A few weeks ago I mentioned the CoupleSpeak contest by 3M. Have you checked it out yet? Wait no more. You still have time to win some cool hard cash.

Since then I’ve also seriously thought about my aforesaid bathroom tile problem and I have nailed it down to either:

a) A mirror with a ledge (a Molger perhaps?) (Photo courtesy of imgspark)
b) Tiered shelving (maybe not baskets) for bathroom thingies (Photo courtesy of I’m busy procrastinating)

Which direction do you think I should go with? Let me know in the comments below. I’m still figuring out how to accomplish it as efficiently and beautifully as possible. I need a plan, that’s what I need. And some nifty tools from 3M would be wonderful. Like those super cool protective eyewear and mask to keep me breathing free. The noise dulling earbuds won’t hurt either – especially when I have to hack down the remaining cement from the wall. I dread the dust and the mess.

The 3M™ TEKK Protection™ Products are part of the 3M FrameWorks, which comprises 5 category of products – the Advanced Abrasives, Tekk Protection, Lead Check, Tough Duct Tape and Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape. You can find out more about them here.

The good news is, you may just be the one to win these awesome products. Yup, 3M is hosting a giveaway of these 5 products on IKEAHackers. To start things up, let’s take a peek into the goodie bag below:

The 3M CoupleSpeaks giveaway winner gets:
2 3M LeadCheck Swabs
1 Roll of Scotch Blue
3 Stages of Sanding (green, maroon, gold sandpaper)
1 gloves, respirator, eye wear

To take part in the giveaway:
1) Participate in the translation sweepstakes being hosted on the 3M Framework Facebook Page. You first need to “Like” the page in order to participate.
2) Come back to IKEAHackers and post a comment here saying that you have participated.
3) Your comment must include your CoupleSpeak translation.

When the giveaway contest ends on Sept 26, 2011, I will pick a winner at random. (The giveway is for US residents only.) Easy peasy. Go have some fun. Feel free to share this contest on Twitter or Facebook with your friends too.

~ Jules

This post is sponsored by 3M Frameworks.

Update 28 September: The giveaway has ended.