2 ways to get organised with a TOSTERUP door handle


Sometimes I just need to complete an easy hack or finish a quick fix and don’t want the hassle of firing up the drill. That’s when Sugru comes in handy. Sugru, if you’ve not heard of it, is a mouldable glue that sticks to almost anything and turns into a strong flexible rubber overnight.

I’ve used it to repair the broken handle on my scissors. I also used it to attach NÄSSJÖ candle holders onto the bottom of my EXPEDIT shelving unit to serve as feet. Let me tell you folks, this stuff works.

So I’m really happy to share these two hacks from Sugru, which you can make with the IKEA TOSTERUP door handle and a few packets of Sugru mouldable glue.

#1 Tidy up the mail in the hallway

Get organised and keep your things in order around the house with a mail organiser. Great for annoying bills too.

IKEA TOSTERUP door handle hacked into mail organiser, secured with Sugru

The TOSTERUP door handle is made of folded metal and sticks well to Sugru which in turn sticks well to most surfaces. This makes it a perfect letter rack for anywhere in the house.

1. Use ½ a pack of Sugru and roll into 2 balls.

2. Press onto the smaller side of the door handle and shape into two cones.

3. Press firmly onto the wall. In 24 hours, Sugru turns into a strong and flexible rubber.

The same project can also be used to make the most of your home office space.

IKEA TOSTERUP door handle hacked into desk shelves

SHELFIE ALERT: Although cured Sugru is strong enough to hold up to 2kg in weight, it’s always a good idea to test the shelf before using.

#2. Upcycle a mirror into a mini beauty bar

Transform a regular mirror into a compact dressing table. Sugru on the TOSTERUP and turn it into a dainty ledge for cosmetics. Add on fancy hooks to hang up jewellery around the mirror. Check out a step by step tutorial and video here. Sugru beauty shelf tutorial

IKEA TOSTERUP door handle as shelf for beauty bar

1. Use two packs of Sugru to create two cone shapes on the short side of the door handle.


Roll Sugru into balls Shape into cones

2. Press onto the mirror and in 24 hours, Sugru turns into a strong and flexible rubber.

Press into mirror

3. Go a step further and add hooks to the mirror using small ornate door handles.

Video link to Sugru mirror project


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This sponsored post is brought to you by Sugru, the world first mouldable glue that turns into rubber.