Upholstered Hack-a-Lack With Nailhead Trim

Materials: Lack side table
Description: I needed an upholstered ottoman for my den and hacking a LACK side table was the way to go. It was inexpensive and easy and took about an hour. I bought some foam and batting at a local mega-store, and I purchased about a yard of fabric for the top of the LACK. I had some nailhead trim on hand from a prior project (which I had purchased on eBay).

First, I cut the foam to the size of the LACK tabletop and then used spray adhesive to glue the foam onto the top of the LACK. Once the glue dried, I cut my batting and fabric to size. I carefully stapled the fabric and batting to the bottom side of the LACK table, checking as I went that the fabric wasn’t pulling or laying funny. I trimmed the edges underneath and used a strip of grosgrain ribbon to prevent fraying (but this step is largely unnecessary).

Once the stapling was done, I screwed the LACK’s legs right through the fabric. To add another detail element, and to make it look a little more luxe and custom, I added some nailhead trimto the fabric at the top of the legs. And voila! Soft, functional and stylish! It doubles as a soft place to rest tired feet and with the addition of a tray, as a place to rest drinks and plates!

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~ Shanna, Philly burbs, PA

Jules Yap