Kristaller Chandelier-hacking!

IKEAhack2 772211
IKEAhack2 772211

IKEAhack 771196Materials: Kristaller chandelier, masking tape, spray paint, new shades and a little bird

Description: First I removed all the glass prisms and the bulbs.

And then I prepared it for spray painting, by masking the wire and inside where the bulbs had been.

I first spray painted with a primer, waited a couple of hours, and then sprayed again with the colored paint.

I bought three new shades and a little bird and put them on.

The lamp is hanging in my little son’s room.

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IKEAhack4 774702

Greetings from Stine, in Norway.

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~ Stine Ringen Rogstad, Norway

Jules Yap