Besta with hidden entertainment

Materials: Besta

Description: Wanted a tv/entertainment bench where I could hide all the electronics and speakers. The only nice thing I found was about 2000 $ so decided to go for 2 besta units and make the doors myself. Pretty excited how it turned out.

BESTÅ Bench (item 601.340.49) – 2 pieces
Door Dampers (inside locking) – 8 pieces
Push opener (Item 701.965.17) – 4 pieces
Mdf plate 56x32cm (1,6 cm) – 4 pieces
Knobs, stainless steel – 4 pieces
Linen fabric
all in all about 200$

The ps3 does require the door to be open. However I am considering installing a fan.

~ Andreas, Denmark

Jules Yap