Cali-King "Lackable" Headboard and Platform Bed Frame

Materials: 8 Lack tables (white & birch), 3 50-packages of wood screws, 2 pieces of plywood 81 in. x 35 3/4 in., metal plates, T-like brace, felt

Description: This design inspired our design as well as this one.

I was having a hard time finding a platform bed for our California King bed frame. It was becoming frustrating. I was searching on Craigslist hoping to find a treasure when someone mentioned on their post. I took a look and was totally inspired.

We headed off to Ikea to buy the Lack tables. I chose white and birch effect. The white tables were $6.99 and the birch effect tables were $9.99. We then bought the screws, plywood, metal plates, T-like braces, and felt at Home Depot. We got to work.

1. We laid out the checkerboard pattern face down. 12 metal plates were attached with screws as pictured.
2. We then reinforced the structure by placing metal plates in a square formation where the four corners meet.
3. We attached the legs to the frame by using the 2-sided screws that come with the Lack tables. Next, we attached the T-like braces to the two outer legs for extra security and metal plates to the two inner legs.
4. My husband attached the extra Lack legs to the bottom of the plywood. He used an extra piece of plywood to connect the two pieces and attached legs around the center. All Lack legs were used as the base of our platform bed and on the headboard.
5. We used felt pieces to cover up the tops of the screws in the four corners so it wouldn’t tear the bottom of the mattress.
6. We moved the headboard in the bedroom behind the bed.
7. The weight of the bed and platform against the headboard gives it a lot of security.

Total spent: $158.98 plus tax
Thank you to all the wonderful inspiration. So glad I discovered this site.

~ Heather, Colorado

Jules Yap