Solsta Pallbo Beach Footstool

Materials: Solsta Pallbo Footstool in white, bambus beach mat, hot glue, scissors, stapler, 4x angle joints, screws, maybe a saw

Description: I’ve made the EXPEDIT Beach Table you can find here.

After finishing it I thought of making a suitable chair or stool for that.
So I took a Solsta Pallbo Footstool and made it ready for my little Beach.

1. Build up the frame of the stool and leave the top aside for this moment.
2. Get a beach mat made of bamboo. The size needed to cover the whole frame is 158×40 cm (62×15″). I had to take two pieces because they were just 120 cm long and cut off one side with a saw to make them fit.
3. Put the beach mat all around the frame of the stool using hot glue. After that, the frame is already done and we can go on completing the top.
4. Cut off the top of the cover of the cushion at about 14 cm (5.5″).
5. Put the cushion with its wooden plate into that top and fix the cover with staples on the wooden plate.
6. Now you cannot reach the holes for the screws to fix the top plate on the frame anymore, so you need to screw the top to the frame using 4 angle joints.

Have fun building it. I hope you like it.

~ MrSkigh