16 feet of country-style wall unit for less than $290

7x Gorm, 2x Orgel, 5x Observator cross-brace, white wood stain, additional screws,

Description: Back when we moved into our new apartment, we realized we had spent pretty much all of our budget on the kitchen, the couch and various wardrobes.

Still we somehow had to find a way to store our books, DVDs, games, plus the TV and quite a few entertainment gadgets. The problem: we had to cover almost 5 meters / 16 feet of wall – and we didn’t want the result to look (too) cheap.

The solution: GORM. The idea was to create a wooden, somewhat roughly whitened construction with a country-style rear wall behind the TV to give it a unique touch.

1.) I bought 7 Gorm shelving units plus some additional shorter Gorm shelves (which apparently aren’t produced anymore, but you don’t need them). Around 220$.

2.) Bought white wood stain and a pack of screws. 15$.

3.) Bought 5x Observator. 25$.

3.) Bought two Orgel wall lamps – they’re not sold in the US but any type will do. Around 25 $.

4.) Glazed all the Gorm parts white, making sure to let the wood grain shine through for that slightly unfinished country look.

5.) I assembled two of the Gorm shelving units from left to right, connecting them to build a proper wall unit.

6.) Using appropriate screws and Gorm’s predrilled screw holes, I simply attached three Gorm shelves to the back of the construction…

7.) …before grabbing two of the vertical Gorm planks and sawing them off, leaving them with the height of 8 screw holes. They would become the front of the integrated TV / entertainment unit.

8.) Then I simply went on and built the rest of the wall…

9.) …finally breaking the Observator cross-braces into four parts – and using each part as a bookend by again using Gorm’s predrilled screw holes (see more pictures below for details).

The front:

Taking advantage of Gorm’s predrilled screw holes to attach the “back wall”:

Using Observator as a bookend:

All in all building this was easy, didn’t take long, didn’t cost much and looks just fine!

~ Jo