Cat bed

Materials: MYSA GRÄS, GOSA SLÅN, polarvide

Description: Cut MYSA GRÄS in half. You now have a piece of 100*150 cm. Fold it twice and stitch the ends together. This forms a ring of 25*150 cm.

Cut a piece of Polarvide to fit the ring. I have used a second piece of fabric as a contrast. You need about 50*150 cm fabric to cover the ring.

Stitch the short ends of the fabric together (inside out, so the seam is on the inside) and fold the fabric over the ring. Stitch the long ends of the fabric together (right side out). The seam on the long sides is on the outside, this is ok, since it will be covered when you attach the bottom.

When stitching the fleece of a smooth fabric like the one I used, the fleece will stretch. I put paper on top of the fleece and stitched on top of that. This way the fleece does not stretch. You can easily tear the paper of along the stitching line.

Cut a bottom for the ring from a non-stretching fabric. It should measure approximately 35 cm in diameter.

Turn the ring inside out en thread the bottom to the ring. Then stitch it using the sowing machine. When you turn the ring back the seam will be on the inside.

The bottom of the cat bed will look like photo below.

Cut two circles of fabric for the pillow which goes into the cat bed. Diameter approximately 35 cm. Stitch the circles together (inside out) and leave a small opening. Turn it right side out en stuff it with about 1/3 of the GOSA SLÅN filling. Close the small opening so the filling cannot get out. Put the pillow in the cat bed.

The end result is shown in the main photo. Your cat will enjoy it!

~ Eva, The Netherlands