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Materials: Chest of drawer – TARVA – not yet in the range

Description: Three weeks ago I attended an IKEA contest in which I should design a chest of drawers, which is not yet on the market.

It is made … of pine wood and so I could worked on it very well.
With all of our furniture in white, I decided to use a lot of color this time and to incorporate many styles: The brightness of colors from the Orient, adorable handbatiked fabrics from Bali, Dot Paintings from Australia, the Meditation of mandalas and just a little inspiration from nature.

And because I love to play Papillon (it’s Ludo played with Rummy Cards) with my children, I’ve milled this in the form of a mandala at the top of the dresser.
The handles have also been replaced by a couple of findings that had been given to me by my boss – on the left side, I used colored cords.

The mandalas are made of fabric ornaments and Dot Painting – in the middle of the large is a heirloom from my beloved Grandma … a small doily with beautiful lace around the outside.

The Back I have stuck with an ornament wallpaper, which I painted in the same color as the dresser. A part of the ornaments were cut and glued to the side of the dresser so that it came into interaction with the concept.

After the ornaments and Dot Paintings were applied, I varnished the dresser twice and tightened the ornaments with a gel pens. At the last I decorated them with Dot Paintings.

The scripture is also done with a white gel pens on it.

The playing pieces are made of small woodballs were placed small butterflies on it to match the decorations on the upper mandala. Because the playing fields have been done with the milling machine, you can set the butterflies comfortably in the troughs now.

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~ Katja, Dresden / Germany