Expedit + dice

Expedit + dice (a lot of them)

Description: Recently we decided to beef up our bland Ikea furniture a bit. The victim was an Expedit rack that we use as a hi-fi rack in our living room. I am a huge fan of pixel art and would cover my whole apartment in 8-bit if I could. Anyhow, as we wanted it to be something that is functional and nice to look at, we decided the only reasonable thing to do is to cover the whole rack with a curtain of dice.

From a functional perspective, this had two benefits. First it stabilised the rack by making it heavy and rigid, which makes it a perfect base plate for a vinyl player. Secondly it hides the mess in the rack. I have to be honest. Mess is inevitable and good cover techniques are vital sometimes. In any way, we also wanted something that is a bit unusual, interesting, but a pleasure to look at.

Finally, we had long discussions who would be best to decorate our new rack. Personally I am a big fan of Italian spaghetti-western uber hero Bud Spencer, so the decision was quite easy. However, everything we were looking for was a picture that comes with a clear contrast and a pleasant smile. The overall cost for this project was about 90 Euros, for about 3000 dice (we found cheap remnants on ebay) and 4 Expedit panels.

Also we made a video about it:

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~ Robert, London