Very Flexible Computer Speaker Mounts

Materials: TERTIAL Work Lamp

Description: The inexpensive TERTIAL work lamp ($9 USD) functions as an excellent arm to mount light objects. I always like my computer speakers to be at a certain height for better sound. Freeing my desk of addition speaker wires is even better.

The construction is easy. Unscrew the light socket and snip off the wires. They can be pulled out of the metal arms with a set of pliers. Attaching your speakers to the metal plate is the most challenging. Bend the concave plate so it is flat. I drilled a two holes into my speakers and plugged them with a drywall anchor that was cut short. Find a small screw and the drywall anchor will act as some sturdy self-made threading as you fasten the screw.

Now you can articulate your speakers in whatever way that hits your ear just right. I like to point the speakers towards me when I am in another part of my apartment, so it doesn’t just work for optimizing your sound at your desk.

~ Bill Dwyer, Philadelphia, PA