How to: Install caster wheels to Ikea Vika Amon Desk

Materials: Vika Amon, Washes, Nut, Caster Wheels with brakes

Bought this fantastic Desk from Ikea here in Stockholm, Sweden for the lower price of approximately 30 euros. The desk was great but I really wanted something on wheels so I thought I would try to add wheels to this desk.

Ended up finding some used Colson Kick Stop TWIN Dual WHEEL Casters with Brakes on ebay for about 20 dollars each. Ironically, the wheels all in cost more then the actual desk.

Installation was quite easy, it simply meant removing the plastic endcaps on each of the four legs and using an blade removing the internal bracing on the cap. Then I drilled a hole so that the caster bolt would fit through and fixed it into the leg using the washers and nuts. Took about 1 hour all in for the installation and now my Desk can roll all over the place.

Another advantage is that the desk is about 7cm higher off the ground now.

~ Oz, Stockholm, Sweden