Lack TV Hack

IKEA Lack media storage

Materials: Lack TV Bench, Lack End Table

Description: I had been looking to build a new TV bench that would fit all of my A/V equipment plus my HTPC. I wanted something that looked great and would look slick in my living room, but unfortunately everything I looked at was very expensive.

I came to the site and saw this hack

I basically followed Sean’s hack verbatim, the only difference in mine being I cut the Lack table legs to about 13″ to clear my HTPC and stereo. I also used one more Lack leg to support the top shelf of the bench in the back so my TV wouldn’t cause sagging from the weight.

Next I built the frames for the front and sides from 2″ wide by 1/2″ thick pine boards. The 2 side pieces were made to the same dimensions as the Lack unit, but the front piece was made 1″ wider than the unit so that it would cover the side pieces and make everything flush.

I attached the frames to the Lack unit using the plugs that are used to attach speaker grilles to speaker cabinets. I used 4 small dolly wheels on the bottom of the unit so I can easily move it to rewire electronics. Then I painted the wood black (so it wouldn’t show through the fabric in the daytime), then covered it in speaker fabric.

I am completely satisfied with the build thus far. The speaker cloth still lets airflow get to the HTPC and other components, but it keeps alot of dust and pet hair out of the electronics. Remotes work through the speaker cloth no problem and it really helps to hide the clutter that’s happening under the bench. The covers are very easily removable, but stay on completely secure.

Thanks to Sean and all the other hackers, I’ve gotten many great ideas from here.

~ Josh jenkins, Toronto