I made a mirrored bedside table with IKEA and saved a bundle

I want to share my IKEA hack, which is a mirrored bedside table. I recently bought a new bed and, of course, decided that I needed some new bedsides to go with it.

I fell in love with some mirrored bedside tables but quickly fell out of love when I saw the price (>$600 AUD each).

While I desperately wanted a mirror table, I could never justify the price … enter the IKEA hack!

A quick trip to IKEA, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found some materials that I could put together hopefully to create some replicas.


  • MALM chest of 2 drawers,
  • MINDE wall mirror
  • Selly’s Liquid Nails
  • DIODER lighting strips

1. I bought 2 white MALM chests ($59 AUD) and 2 MINDE wall mirrors ($39 AUD). I was originally going to get the mirrors custom ordered, but for that, the MINDE mirrors were the perfect width (40cm) for the MALM.

2. Get the mirrors cut to size. I went to a local glazier who was lovely enough to do it for free! I needed two top pieces (approx. 40 x 48cm) and four drawer fronts (approx. 40 x 20cm).

2. Assembly! I made the frame for the chest but left the drawers incomplete until I was ready to attach the mirror pieces.

3. I used Selley’s Liquid Nails for Mirrors and Glass to attach the mirrors. I’m not sure if this is available outside Australia, but if not, you will need to use a natural cure silicone, as normal silicones may corrode the backing of the mirror. This part was pretty easy; I just had to pop the silicone in a caulking gun and apply the silicone in strips approx. 8 cm apart (make sure not to go too close to the edge). Let cure for 48-72 hours.

4. Assemble the drawers and put them into the frame.

5. Marvel at your new bedside tables!

P.S. The lights behind the headboard are also from IKEA; they are DIODER LED strip lights

~ by Katie B, Melbourne, Australia

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