Resizing BESTA chromed underframe to fit BESTA Shelf unit with 7 7/8" depth

Materials: BESTA chromed underframe

Description: My plans were to cover all the wall with a BESTA TV/storage combination with Besta shelf with 15 3/4 depth, but I have the fireplace at the right. So I had to use a Besta shelf with 7 7/8″ depth at the right. Obviously, I decide to use the shelf unit with the same depth on the left of combination too, near the door.

Now I had the problem of the chromed underframe at the left side. It will be ugly without that piece of metal. Therefore, I resized 2 of the metal bars (a easy cut in the middle). Unfortunately, I had no metal drills to make the hole. So, I use a no nails glue (there is a lot of brands in the market) to keep the bars together and ready to receive its adjustable feet. The appearance looks professional, I think.

For aesthetic purposes I did 2 other simple hacks. First one, because of the doors, a non standard shelf mount was executed on the big shelf unit. Second one, I used spare shelves to lift up the electronics a little. It was the easy way to do it.

Ah! Do not forget to install extra electrical extension cords. I put one near TV and the other one in the top of the combination. You never know.

I hope my hack and my design of combination could be helpful to you.

~ Paulo, Canada