Stuva Malad monitor stand

Materials: Stuva Malad, 2x Ekby Stodis

Description: Being a student I really needed a desk but on the cheap. So I got a cheap Micke desk and realized there wasn’t enough room for my laptop, my monitor, keyboard, etc …

Here’s where the hack happens. I went to the “As is” section and found a Stuva Malad drawer panel for 5€. I then got a couple of Ekby Stodis (0,50€ each). I fixed the Ekby Stodis to the Stuva Malad and fixed it all onto the wall, with the part for pulling the drawer out towards the back.

I find it works great because I use the hole for pulling the drawer out (when used as a drawer panel) to run the cables from my monitor through and then down to the Micke cable organizer part.

It looks tidy and my cats aren’t tempted to eat the cables (which they love doing).

Well I mean, it usually looks tidy ! 🙂


~ Rebecca, France

Jules Yap