This clever white TV stand hides a heap. So practical!

I decided to update my TV stand, I asked myself:

… shall we buy a ready and durable combination or

… shall we try a cheap but functional DIY version?

I know our taste and needs can change, so I choose IKEA because it’s easy to customize, cheap and I know I can change it whenever I want!

My ideal solution should have light colors, almost 70 cm height, and almost 50 cm depth.

It should have simple lines, a glass cabinet for media devices, no visible cables, and many drawers. Better if they were hidden behind the doors/fronts.

The result is this IKEA white TV stand with honeycomb designWhite TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

This project is a combination of STUVA structures and inner accessories + BESTÅ Vassviken/Glassvik doors (used as drawer front) = it costs 323 €

This is an IKEA hack for 3 reasons:

  • My white TV stand combines frames and drawers from the STUVA series (50 cm depth, 10 cm more than BESTÅ!) with BESTÅ Vassviken and Glassvik doors.
  • On the left section of the TV cabinet, the BESTÅ doors are not fixed with hinges but used as drawer fronts, fixed directly to the drawers. Pushing the door opens the lower drawer.
  • One door has been cut and fixed on the right end side of the stand as a cover panel. This gives the TV stand a more finished style.

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

Original holes and connections of STUVA drawers and BESTÅ doors/fronts are NOT compatible, but I used simple L-brackets and shortened the bottom of the drawers to solve this!

Here the steps for my DIY white TV stand:

Build the two STUVA frames but do not add the back panels yet.

Shorten the bottom panel of the STUVA GRUNDLIG drawer, assemble the drawer (without front) and nail the bottom to the sides

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

Add L-brackets to the sides and bottom of the drawer.

Fix the drawer guides to the STUVA frame.

Insert the drawer.

Next, place on the floor the BESTÅ door with the front facing down. I placed it on my carpet to protect it from scratches.

Then put the STUVA frame on the back of the door. As you can see from the photo below, the back of the frame is open and facing upwards. It’s like the stand is already completed but turned down.

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

Check with care the centering of the frame on the door and mark the bracket hole positions on the door with a pencil

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

Remove the frame from the door and extract the drawer.

Then, proceed to add the back panel to the STUVA frame.

Place the drawer on the door referring to the marked points and screw the brackets to the door

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

Now that you’ve fixed the STUVA drawer and BESTÅ door  together, put the drawer on the guides in the frame to test it.

I added the push opener system: pushing the door, the lower drawer opens. If you rather not use push openers I think handles on the door can work well too.

I made these deep drawers for the last two units on the left of the TV cabinet. This leaves more room for larger items like pillows, blankets and games storage.

I’ve added removable wire drawers, one in each unit, to use also the upper space for VHS and smaller stuff.

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

Completing the IKEA white TV stand

Once you have completed the drawer + door/front process, take the drawers out and fix together all 4 STUVA frames with screws.

Before fixing them, pay attention to adjust the feet of each unit while all 4 frames are placed in their final position.

In my case, the floor was not perfectly flat.

After that insert again the drawers on the left, and complete the assembly of the right part of the TV stand.

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

On the last right unit, I preferred to use 3 STUVA wire drawers to store only DVD discs, and the door has hinges. Here you can follow IKEA standard instructions.

In the glass cabinet, I made holes in the back panel to allow the cables to exit just behind the shelves. I attached the glass door with hinges. Here you can follow IKEA standard instructions.

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

Adjust the hinges to align the doors of the right part of the stand.

Finally, I shortened a Vassviken door and fixed it to the right end side of the structure, to give a uniform look.

Choose carefully the screw length to avoid damages to the visible side. Drill the screw from inside the cabinet outwards.

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

White TV stand with pretty hexagon patterns

Materials for white TV stand:
  • 4 x STUVA frame (60 x 60 x 64cm)
  • 2 x STUVA GRUNDLIG drawer
  • 5 x STUVA GRUNDLIG wire basket
  • STUVA GRUNDLIG shelf x 2 (56 x 26cm)
  • GLASSVIK door (60 x 64cm)
  • VASSVIKEN door x 3 (60 x 64cm)
  • BESTÅ hinges
  • 10 L-brackets
  • Screws
  • Nails

(Download the Order List)

  • Drill/screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Saw

Time to complete the assembly: one day.

I’m waiting for a custom-made white painted glass top. That will be the finishing touch to my white TV stand!

I’m really happy with the result: functional, roomy and I love the honeycomb design!

To see more of my white TV stand and my home tour, come visit me on my blog.

~ by Silvia De Marchi, Italy