Billy Bookcases to Built-Ins

built in Billy bookcase

Materials: Billy Bookcases

Description: I got this great idea from a post on Centsational Girl and I had to have it for myself! We made our Billy Bookcases into built-ins by following these simple steps:

built in Billy bookcase

1. Measure your space. (Ours was 210 inches long)

2. Buy your bookcases – We got 4 Billys with extended depth and height, 2 shorter (in width) bookcases and a TV stand and overhead storage. These items totaled approximately 205 inches.

3. Build up the space on the flooring with wood boards so that when you place your Billys on them the bottom shelf will be flush with the height of your baseboard.

4. Assemble bookcases and place against wall on boards in the order that you want them built in. The outer bookcases should be pushed completely against the outside walls and the remaining bookcases should be evenly spaced apart (if your bookcases don’t fill the entire space)

5. Measure and apply Baseboard & crown molding.

6. Apply smaller molding (we used 2 1/4 inch) where each bookcase meets to cover the gap.

Decorate and enjoy!

* Because the smaller (in width) bookcases were not as deep we had to pull them away from the wall to keep the front of the shelves flush. This required us to anchor the shelf to the others and to the wall to prevent any shifting.

See more of the built in Billy.

~ Shana, Roseville