Expedit/Vika Amon Desk

Materials: Expedit Shelving Unit, Vika Amon Table Top & Capita 4″ Legs

Description: Originally intended to be a DJ/Media center for music and podcasting. The concept was to use a hack posted last year (Expedit Standing Desk).

Unfortunately the desk was way too large for our space and ingenuity came into play.

What I did was use the Expedit Shelving Units as the base (side by side) of the desk then placed a Vika Amon 59″ Table Top across the top. Not a hack… Besides the bar chair we purchased was too high and wouldn’t fit properly under the desk top or with someone seated.

I then used the 4″ Capita legs I had originally intended to use and placed them under the table top creating an elevated platform that allows the chair and user to sit under comfortable as well.

~ Peter, Florida