Fira & Trofast help in the Kitchen

Fira utensil divider drawer

Materials: Fira drawer, saw, chopsticks, glue, screws, 2 Trofast with Lid

Description: I had a (non-IKEA) sideboard that I used to have in my room for books and stuff when I shared my flat with a friend. When my boyfriend moved in I put it in the kitchen, because with two (kitchen-) households I needed more space for all our cooking utensils. So I put the sideboard in the kitchen.

Fortunately two Trofast baskets fitted in the sideboard when you put them next to each other, so they became my “drawers” for all my plastic food-storage boxes and some kitchen utensils. So far not really a hack.

Fira utensil divider drawer

In the middle part of the sideboard I decided to put the pots, because it was quite a deep sideboard and so they fitted in without standing over.

All I needed now was a tray for the forks and knifes and so I decided to build one myself from my old Fira, that I didn’t use any more. I simply took the two big drawers on the side and a small one in the middle. I screwed them together and put the first shelf of the sideboard fairly high up, so that my tray could rest on it. For the divisions I simply sawed some wooden chopsticks to the size I needed and glued them to the tray. I didnt use knobs, because the little fira-drawer, that I put in the middle, has this little deepening, which can be used as knob. Voila.

Fira utensil divider drawer

~ Celine, Germany