Hackers help: Functional mini kitchen for toddlers?

Photo: IKEA.com

Hi there!

Has there been a submission for a play kitchen with running water? I’ve been scouring the archives, but came up somewhat dry (no pun intended).

I’m shooting for more in-depth hack than a DUKTIG remodel. I’m looking to create a real, functional mini kitchen for toddlers (guided by Montessori principles) and am gathering inspiration and technical ideas.

I am thinking of using the BESTÅ cabinets as a base, the FYNDIG sink and adding a water pump with gray water collection.

Also looking to integrate a real mini refrigerator into the set up. I definitely want to add many kitchen accessories, but will need to adapt everything for toddler safety.

Any help is much appreciated!




Hi Valerie

Unfortunately, I’ve not seen a functional play kitchen, be it DUKTIG or any other IKEA products. I hope you’ll be the first to hack it.

If you’re thinking of using the BESTÅ, this hack here may give you a few ideas. You can easily switch out the faux fridge for a real mini refrigerator in this set-up. 

Hackers help: Functional mini kitchen for toddlers?

Or you can consider using existing sink cabinets like this hack. It uses the two FULLEN sink cabinet as the starting point of the kitchen and the results are pretty streamlined. And it looks almost as good as a real kitchen, don’t you think? Using a sink cabinet may be a step in the right direction, as it has all the necessary cut outs and you can quite easily add in a proper sink and faucet.

Hackers help: Functional mini kitchen for toddlers?

As for gray water collection, take a look at these projects — an outdoor sink and a camping sink for some ideas.

Good luck on the project. We can’t wait to see your fully functional mini kitchen for toddlers. 

Happy hacking,


Jules Yap