Neon Lace Billy Bookshelf


Materials: Billy Bookshelf, Lace Material, Spray paint in 100% Yellow and 100% Magenta, Painter’s Tape, Newsprint paper, Drop Cloth

Description: 1. Cover the front facing side of the bookshelf with newsprint paper and painter’s tape.
2. Lay the bookshelf on it’s side over a drop cloth.
3. Cover the side of the bookshelf with lace material.
4. Spray paint with the 100% yellow over the lace.


5. Remove lace and let dry. Repeat on other side of the bookshelf.
6. Lay bookshelf on it’s back over the drop cloth.
7. Cover everything but the outward facing edges with painter’s tape and newsprint.
8. Spray Paint the outward facing edges with the 100% Magenta color. Let dry.


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~ Melissa F, Brooklyn

Jules Yap