Hackers Help: BILLY bookcases as bedroom divider?

I want to use 2 tall BILLY as a bedroom divider at the end of my bed. The problem is, of course, securing them.

Do you know if the ELVARLI posts, if properly attached to the ceiling, would be strong enough to keep the book cases from tipping?

BILLY bookshelf

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I do have ideas how to attach the posts to the BILLY bookcases. If I use two on each side (and connect the BILLY bookcases to each other) would that work? Would one on each side work?

ELVARLI post | IKEA.com

I can’t provide a picture really because I haven’t yet moved anything.

~ by Susan


Hi Susan

It’s a great idea to use BILLY bookcases as a bedroom divider. I’ve seen BILLY bookcases just standing in place as a room divider. But of course, as you’ve figured out, that’s not the way to go to prevent tip over accidents. 

BILLY bookcases as bedroom divider
Bedroom Divider Bookcase plan

I do think one post on each side may be enough but two would be better, as 2 BILLY bookcases side by side is quite wide. Having two posts on each side will reduce the wobble.

Do securely fix the BILLY bookcases to each other and the ELVARLI posts. And pay attention to the right fixings for the ceiling. 

If space permits in your room, you can also consider securing two BILLY bookcases back to back, to increase its depth (to 22″ / 56cm). The larger girth will improve the stability of the units. You could use the shorter BILLY bookcases on the bed side to create a kind of nightstand. That way you’ll have storage on both sides of the space. 

Finally check out this post for more room divider ideas.

Let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,


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