Baby Fashionista Wardrobe (Baby Shower Gift)

Materials: Trofast Frame, White – Article Number: 300.914.52

Rather simple modification but a definite show stopper at baby showers. The great thing about this gift is that the family can choose to add to the Trofast system or it can later be used for dress up clothes or for doll clothes. This is one Ikea Hack with multiple uses.

1) Purchase Trofast Frame White (or any color)
2) Purchase Pink Trofast Storage box (Article Number: 501.158.62)
2) Purchase small adjustable curtain rod (can be found at Target)
3) Purchase heart mirrors with adhesive (can be found at Target)
4) Purchase Alphabet Stickers (Michael’s Arts and Craft Store)

1) Place the curtain rod tightly behind the lip of the Trofast system to conceal it and help avoid making the project look homemade.

2) Instead of place all the boxes in the system, only place one (approximately, 3rd row of holes from the bottom). This allows room for Baby Fashionista’s shoes

3) Then let the decorating begin. You can place the mirrored hearts on each side and on the bin so that the heart theme is carried constantly on the wardrobe

4) Last but not least add the baby clothes! Wardrobe looks best with clothes that are similar in color.

Optional Adds:

1) Light – Ikea sells a battery operated light, the “DIODER” that can be added near the curtain rod so Baby Fashionista can see all her clothes.
2) Clothing Hook – A clothing hook can also be added on one side to hang a hat, coat, pink boa, or anything else.

~ ChamRox, Los Angeles, CA