Ektorp storage using Trofast

Hidden storage for Ektorp

Materials: Ektorp sofa (2seater) and 4 Trofast containers

Description: Requirements:

1x Ektorp Sofa
4x Trofast containers (42*30*10)
(if needed) 4x Trofast lid
5x 63 cm pieces of plastic or metal H-profile, width of H-profile must be > 10mm
to allow the rim of the Trofast to slide trough.
a lot of screws (width 3mm x length 20mm)
or similar
1x small drill 2 mm.

Hidden storage for Ektorp
Hidden storage for Ektorp

Step 1. Turn Ektorp Sofa on its back.
Step 2. Cut the end of the profiles under a 45 degree angle on each side. (see pictures)
Step 3. Drill 2 holes on each side of the profiles. (see pictures)
Step 4. Fit the 5 profiles starting with the one in the middle. Then use 1 of the Trofast containers to determine the position of the next profile.
Step 5. Put Ektorp back on its feet.
Step 6. Slide in the Trofast containers.

~ Dennis Eggebeen