Perfect aquarium stand from IKEA cabinet

Been searching for an aquarium stand for my 60p aquarium (23x14x14). With some research and I came up with this perfect aquarium tank.

I wanted something the would match my office IKEA table hack. And I wanted something that I could easily change the look if needed. Lastly, to be honest, the price is easily 1/3 of what is available in pet stores.

IKEA items used:

How I assembled my IKEA BESTÅ aquarium stand:

I built the BESTÅ frame per instructions. Then, drilled 2×2 inch holes at top left and right back cover for aquarium pipes and wires to pass through.

IKEA BESTA aquarium stand

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For legs, I used the STUBBARP legs for a beefy look. I also added BESTÅ frame legs for extra support in the middle of the bottom frame.

IKEA BESTA aquarium stand

The KUGGIS box is used as a liner to keep the BESTÅ frame from getting wet on maintenance days.

Keep on hacking!

~ by Biboy

CAUTION: As listed on the website, the maximum load for the BESTÅ frame is 44 lbs. per horizontal surface if placed on the floor. Please check the weight of your aquarium plus water and accessories before choosing the BESTÅ for your tank. Furthermore, the BESTÅ frame is made from particleboard with a honeycomb structure paper filling, so please ensure the unit is kept dry to minimise risk of the material swelling.