Expedits to the ceiling

Four Expedit 4×4, some inserts, and a father-in-law

Description: In our new house we wanted a big bookcase up to the ceiling. We figured we could fit 7 Expedit-size compartments (height).

My father-in-law (Bas) was confident he could knock out 1 row of compartments to build our custom wall of Expedits.

And so he did. Now we have an 8×7 expedit, that we sometimes call our ‘Baxpedit’.

– Two normal Expedits at the base, with some extra holes on top to support the ones on top

– Two shortened Expedits on top, but the hollow side panels needed some filling first

– Electricity to the top made invisible by a slot from bottom to top

– Some Expedit inserts (both drawers and doors) on the bottom row

~ Casper Joost Eyckelhof, Enschede, The Netherlands

Jules Yap